Individuation is the archetypal path of human evolution.
Discover and develop your true Self through explorations, analysis,
renewal, consequences, knowledge and skills for life and new ways of living.
This is a critical and multidimensional foundation for growth and fulfillment of life.
A genuine, pioneering and evolutionary spirituality that delivers quality, efficiency,
strength, meaning, comprehension and extensive human development.

The Temple of Evolution is the never before achieved
true Archetypal Spiritual ‘religion’ that can
lead humanity to hope, peace, justice and fulfillment.

All religions, concepts of spirituality, political ideologies and practices,
models of economy, social sciences, and public education have failed to create
the archetypal path for hope, peace, justice and fulfillment to humanity.

“The Temple of Evolution is the last chance for Humanity
to find back the genuine divine human evolution.”

Prof. Dr. Edward Schellhammer